The Midwest Collabo

Big Bang finnally releases their Midwest Collab the day of their album release party hosted by Dj Bryan Lee. The Midwest Collabo features the following

DaChaMan (Big Bang)
Kijuan (St. Lunatics, Missouri)
Shon Wil (Rap Art, Michigan)
Sean Knotz ( Michigan)
Big T (SMACK DVD/URL TV – Illinois)
Caliko (80s Baby Ent, Illinois)
Royce Da 5′9 (Shady/Slaughterhouse, Michigan)
J-Kwon ( So So Def, Missouri)
Murphy Lee (St. Lunatics, Missouri)
Tuff Laun ( Big Bang, Iowa)
D-Fo (Chicago, Illinois)
Izzy Dunfore (Slip Knot, Minnesota)
Pzy (3Ms, Iowa)
Young Rhome (Huey Records, Missouri)
Marwon (URL TV, Michigan)
Sandman (Minnesota)
Tone Da Boss (Big Bang)

For more info heres the video

Midwest Collab

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