Bangover Album Release Party Review

So its almost been a month since Big Bang’s Bangover album release party at Tailgators. What a night. An event well planned with flyers, posters, text, and even radio advertisement every where not to mention several event pages made on facebook. Each with atleast 200 people attending. Which was definitely an understatement on how many people actually attended. This show was promoted so much the police spoke with the owner of Tailgators to remind him on capacity. Yet the show still reached max compacity just like the last two exclusive Big Bang events and once again there was NO altercations.
The event started with a good friend of Big Bang comedian,Greg Groetell, telling jokes about when he met the group, which really loosened the crowd up. Then Bryan Lee worked his magic on the 1’s and 2’s mixing in the multiple drops from industry artist that has collaborated with Big Bang. And then the group came out performing the new Bangover intro followed by new and familiar songs from the album, the we are big bang mixtape, and the up and coming Mixtape they are working on.
After 2 sets 4 songs each with 15 minute intermission, D.N.A. aka Testify showed his talents to the crowd getting a great response keeping the positive vibe going with the show.
Big Bang returned for there final sets one of 4 songs and then went 8 songs straight introducing their new unreleased track featuring Nate Dogg called “Ugly Girlfriend” produced by Tommy D. and finishing with the new rock version of Spongebob Ready getting the best crowd reaction from the song the group has seen yet with a cool twist of Dj Bryan Lee swapping out the new beat for the original.

Overall the show had a 5 star performance, at a 5 star venue, with a 5 star audience.

Be sure to get the Bangover album from the merchandise page and if you missed this show the next will be February 4th at Cocktails. BB4L!

The Bangover

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