Titi Boi Mixtape Release Party

Last night Big Bang made an appearance at the Tity Boi aka 2 chainz from Ludacris’ DTP label mixtape release party. He’s also one half of Players Circle from the single “Duffle Bag Boy” featuring Lil Wayne. And all though the night was about Tity Bois mixtape which sounded great this was also a great networking event. Also in attendance was Jody Breeze (from Boys N Da Hood), Big Krit (XXL Freshman), Dj Pretty Boy Tank, Dj Techniquez, Dj Bigga Rankin, Real Magazine, Do ATL, and more. From what we heard Tity Boi’s mixtape was sounding good some of the tracks that stood out was one called Gas-O-Lean which was catchy and the other was one featuring Busta Rhymes. Tuff Laun made sure Tity Boi left with a couple of our cds as well. Jody Breeze also did a drop for Big Bang TV, coming soon!

To download the mixtape urself click here http://livemixtap.es/9tj

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