Channel 9 news KCRG and Tailgators Show Review

April 2nd was a great day for Big Bang, for those of you who missed either or both events, on TV at 8 a.m., performing live at 8 p.m.

Big Bang was invited to their hometown’s local morning news, Channel 9, after creating a big enough buzz worth the coverage. The very beautiful anchor woman, Nadia Crow, did a great job of covering the story, even though this was our first time ever seeing her on the show (either because it was Saturday morning or because they needed a black girl to speak for Hip Hop lol j/k) she was definitely the right person. The music and Tailgators show was covered during the set and even a surprise snippet of the Polo song was played during the interview, footage is available below. (***warning -cellphone to tv quality lol) This is a major move for the group and we are very proud to be worthy of making the news through something positive.

12 hours later, the entire week people throughout the city had been looking up at the Television advertisements for Big Bang’s return to Tailgators, for months the show has been promoted, flyers all over the Cedar Rapids area, watching youtube videos, and texting friends about the show . Last time Big Bang was at Tailgators was December for the Bangover Release party and the place reached capacity by the end of the night. This time doors were set to open at 8 but some people still arrived early and got to see Big Bang lounging around, taking pics, and doing the mic check. The merchandise table was full of T-Shirts, bookmarks, and all Big Bang cds. Which before they even hit the stage all shirts we’re gone and only 1/4th of the cd’s were left.

This time Big Bang started out introducing a hook to one of there new records “We Do Big Thangz” doing a call and response with the crowd and went into the Bangover track. The crowd is all on there feet at this time and the venue is packed with people backed up to the door and the bar flooded with customers. By the way its still only 9:30, personally, when I go out, I dont even leave the house until 10:30 so this should say alot. Then another call and response for a new track Where the Party At where Big Bang went back and forward with the crowded asking “Where Da Party At” and their response was “Whereever We AT”. The venue is packed every one is having a good time, even Big Bang Producer Tony T. made an appearance and received several shout outs and even a verse dedicated to him during Big Bangs performance of their version of Wiz Khalifa’s “This Plane”. Later a tribute was giving to the Legendary Nate Dogg along with a momment of silence, then introducing the Big Bang hit featuring Nate Dogg, with Bryan Lee giving everyone surprising news that the producer Tommy D is getting the track reviewed by Def Jam and Jive for a single release. Big Bang ended their set with Holster, Living Legend, Polo, and Spongebob with everyone getting on stage to do the dance even the guy working the door lol, and Bryan Lee mixing in the rock and original beat was also a great addition.

All in all the show had 100 more people since the last time they performed there, over capacity, but had an amazing show and cant wait to return. Thanks to all who attended, and for those who missed it, see ya next time.


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