Tones Tips and tricks to being an affective underground artist part 1: Music

First I’d like to say that we are not signed, and do not know the exact steps to getting signed, however I’ve been getting asked for tips and strategies a lot, and for advice on how to get you’re name out there brand yourself. Basically how to be an affective underground artist. So heres some of the steps we’ve been taking and we’re were going. I’m willing to help everybody out and I don’t have any secret strategies, however we are trying o make our music thing happen so I do charge if you need my services but heres Tone Tips and Tricks for being an affective artist.
Before I get into this I first want to make myself look credible that way you don’t just read this and think I don’t know what I’m talking about or my word isn’t good. Big Bang has collaborated with over 20 industry artist (multiplatinum to upandcoming), out of those 20 only paid from verses from 5 of those artist. We’ve been featured in magazines, newspapers, and on the news for our music and accomplishments. We have received over 3 million downloads in the last 2 years,we are featured on the #1 hip hop websites weekly such as and, we have mixtures hosted by Dj Ill Will, Dj White Owl, and Dj Woogie. And videos on youtube ranging from 10,000 views to 60,000 views. All of our shows are sold out with atleast 300 or more attendees and we’ve opened up for Twista 3 times, Wiz Khalifa, Young Buck, Young Dro, Murphy Lee, and many more. As said before I don’t know the steps to getting signed but these are things that make artist credible to A&Rs and other djs and industry artist.
I’m gonna post this in increments to get artist to come back and plus I feel like I’ve been rambling and not getting to the point. So this week I’m going to talk about MUSIC which is the first step in being an affective artist. As I’ve said we’ve collaborated with over 20 industry artist and only paid for verses for 5. However they would not have collaborated with us had our music not been up to par. I’m not saying we’re the best or even great there is always room for improvement. The reason I’m only gonna do this weekly is because serious artist I want to focus on each thing one week if I give too much info at once some will be forgotten or skipped.
MUSIC this is the purpose of this blog, this is what we do and we we all believe we’re good at and its our calling. However just having music that only you and some friends like doesn’t make you an affective artist , and just having good music doesn’t make you an affective artist if you do not get it out there.
So the first thing is to do is find a good quality studio. For instance in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Austin Switalski runs Elakstic Labs. Which has all the best sounding equipment and software. Its a sound proof booth and professional setting for only $20 an hour. Get you some quality sounding beats that you can call your own. Nowadays a lot of artist have been going to soundclick and using the free Vybe Beats or Johnny Juliono, the most embarrassing thing to do is go to a showcase and here the “Vibe” or “Boddy” drop and then the beat you used kicks in right before you go on. Our producer sells his beats for as low as $50 a pop when most people charge a few hundred but its guaranteed your not gonna hear somebody else with that same beat and you can own the rights to your song and copywrite it. His sound click is
Once you have your own original sound keep recording and get feedback from strangers not just friends or family. I’m not saying go on facebook and send everyone the same default message or post on everyones walls the same music because that becomes annoying and you lose a fan base that way its better to conversate with people first find out there interest and convert them to a fan. Its a long proccess but helps down the road and once you have an initial fanbase the word spreads and they naturally start doing this for you. Also just because you think the songs hot doesn’t make it a hit, make songs for the clubs, funny songs, if your a gangsta rapper make something for the ladys and you can still keep that gangsta flavor in it but you need to be universal and able to connect with all audiences. For example 50 cent put out Wanksta to establish himself as a gangster artist, then he came back with In The Club and sold 10x as many singles and leading him to get diamond sales (10 million sold) ever since then his singles have been Just a Little Bit, Candy Shop and more clubbish yet on the album he still has those gangster tracks.
What worked for us was surprisingly Spongebob Ready. A song that started out as a joke became our most popular single. Its made us hundreds on iTunes, 60,000+ hits on youtube, featured on over 20 of the biggest mixtapes, gets played in clubs no problem, and also gets radio play all over the country. People like music they can dance to and easy to remember. Also the controversy behind the song keeps people interested and talking, cant count how many times I’ve read “grown men rapping about Spongebob SMH” but that keeps ppl talking and spreading the word. Now they’re telling ppl hey did you hear that wack Spongebob song, they’ll say no and then check it out and so on. Or the people that actually do like the song and do the dance spreads the word as well. Its a win win.
To do Spongebob we stepped outside our boundaries by far, we did a whole mixtape of songs and seemed to only get the best feedback on the Spongebob Song. So we shot a video. The video part can be done easily, we shot and edited it with a handy cam and a program called Final Cut which cost $999 in stores. This takes a lot of time but its definitely worth it. You get a lot of peoples attention by inviting them to the shoot so even if they don’t show up they’ve heard about it and if they do show up their gonna tell there friends about it and promote the video with you. We also have a service for shooting videos like this one for just $250. Heres the Spongebob video for those who havent seen it yet
So in conclusion step 1 is the music. Keep recording, get your quality up to par, get original beats you can call your own, find your single, and shoot a video. Next week we’ll talk about marketing your single and branding your name. Thanks for those whose read and we’re interested. Below is a list of services that I offer and a price

Features: group feature $100
Music video: $250
Website: $200
Facebook Fanpage: $50
Your song on iTunes: $50 (includes artwork, file conversion, and monthly earnings)
e-mail blast: $50 (reaching over 10,000 people, djs, blogs, and guaranteed 2000 plays on your song in a week)
Flyer/artwork design: $35
5000 flyers: $175

If interested send me an e-mail or Facebook me: Tone D. Boss

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  1. aaron porter says:

    aye bro that is deff. on point… Thats great info and anyone who bypass this is missing some very important music… cant wait to see next week! keep doin ya thang bro

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