Big Bang is now available on Jukeboxes throughout America

Big Bang DBT has partnered up with Musicati the program that has over 14,000 Jukeboxes in America. Heres a list of the Bars and places that have the Jukeboxes in our hometown Cedar Rapids so when you’re in a bar without a dj, goto the Jukebox and put on some of that Big Bang!

1616 6th Street Southwest, Cedar Rapids

Westside Lounge
419 3rd Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids

3203 6th Street SW, Cedar Rapids

Dublin City Pub
415 1st Street Southeast, Cedar Rapids

Fat Wally’s
429 2nd Avenue SE, Cedar Rapids

175 Jacolyn Drive Northwest, Cedar Rapids

Moose Lodge #304
1820 West Post Road Southwest, Cedar Rapids

Green Gable Inn
1227 J Avenue NE, Cedar Rapids

New Shack Tavern
2545 Old River Road Southwest, Cedar Rapids

3108 1st Avenue NE, Cedar Rapids

Club Basix
3916 1st Avenue NE, Cedar Rapids

La Camelia
475 Northland Avenue, Marion

1803 6th Avenue, Marion

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