Big Bang performing at Iowa Summer Jam 2011

Friday June 24th 2011, Big Bang returns to the stage in Iowa. This event will be historical! At first it was going to be another Big Bang show but after seeing the events put on in Atlanta these past few months we figured we need to go above and beyond so now its going to an Iowa event. Giving artist all over the state an opportunity to showcase their skills to our crowd and introduce us to theirs. All door outdoors 3-10pm and inside the bar after 10pm until close. We’re bringing back the Big Bang Bombs (introduced at the Hub last year) and bringing all our favorite Djs out. Dj Bryan Lee, Dj Commando, Dj Sonar, Dj K-Young, Dj Audiomatik and Dj Verbatim. Artist we’ve collaborated will be in the building such as Big Bake (Hustlin Eryday feat Wiz Khalifa), Kidnap The Sun (Spongebob Ready Rock Remix), and Brix. Along with many new names from different cities like Young X, Tha P.A.C. D@ Truth and many more. They’ll be comedians such as Greg Goettel (introduced us at the Bangover release party at Tailgators), and his crew. Tickets will be available soon and you can get them here or on the official website For now admire the flyer designed by yours truly Tone Da Boss


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